Robert Smoking HSKHFKASD-ly Knepper

Robert Smoking HSKHFKASD-ly Knepper

The hardest thing is that some of these characters have been around since the ’50s and ’60s, and they could very easily head into camp. And when you hire people like Wentworth Miller [as Captain Cold] and Dominic Purcell [as Heat Wave] and Rob Knepper [as Clock King], some of these outlandish…

Careful What You Wish For


Not so LOL..

"T-Bag thinks he’s a Worthy Opponent to Michael. Michael thinks T-Bag is annoying."

That’s love, guys, that’s love.. 

Something that sort of dawned on me as we sort of got into that first week of shooting…what the heart of the story is for me: family, and protecting family, and doing everything you can. As an actor, you cannot make a judgement about the characters you’re playing. You can’t say “I’m playing a bad guy.” You’re saying “I’m playing a man who’d do everything to protect his best friend.” - Robert Knepper

Poor Teddy Bear!

My drawing: Robert “sweetest smile ever” Knepper ♥

My drawing: Robert “sweetest smile ever” Knepper