How cool is he??!

How cool is he??!

My birthday present for Robert Knepper and his lovely reaction when he saw it ♥ #howsweet

Meeting Robert Knepper

Day 1, Friday: I’m late.. because my flight, my bus. I get to Victoria running against the time when finally I meet Aliénor and her mum. We take the tube and it’s 8 o’ clock when we’re there at Earl’s Court Exhibition Center. We look for Rob’s table and finally, at the horizon I can see him: HE’S REAL, HE ISN’T LIKE SANTA CLAUS!!! Just a couple of fans are waiting for their autograph. I feel sick, nervous, I can’t even remember my name and I’m trembling so hard. Elise (Aliénor’s mum) encourage us both to go there and meet him. I can’t! In my head only one thought: “NO, NO, I CAN’T. NO”. But they’re starting to get close at his table. I have to follow them. We get in line and I start my prayers to find some courage. I’m behind them, trying to eclipse me to take more time and find some calm. When Rob and Aliénor start to chat I’m still there, pretending nothing.. Honestly, I want to run away from there. But while I’m searching for an escape-hatch somewhere, he starts staring at me *FINE, I WANNA DIE* endless seconds, I don’t know what to do cause I’m totally frozen but he greets with his head “Hi!” just like an old friend in a pub. I say “hi” as well and wave to Nadine beside him. “Well, he noticed me, I’m screwed. I can’t pretend to be just a friend of Aliénor!” It’s my turn, he shakes my hand and ask me how I’m doing: “Fine.. but I’m dying!” “No, don’t die” Sure.. don’t… easy to say.. I can’t find any pic I need to buy for my friends. I try to explain him, he can’t hear me and understand what I’m trying to say (ME NEITHER, ROB) but I really can’t speak any language, I’m freakly nervous. Poor figure! I cover my eyes to take time and a breath.. I’m dying, I’m too embarrassed! I resolve everything talking with the girl of the crew, checking my English that still works with her.. My problem is Rob himself! So I ask him a little favor, he says yes and I show him a business card of the Kneppedia that I printed to promote the site and Rob’s accounts on Twitter and FB. He starts laughing “You’re the Kneppedia! Thanks” Ok, he didn’t get my plan, so I ask him if I can leave on his table a couple of cards for his fans. He accepts my idea, very nice thing! He asks us where we’re from then we start a little chat about Italy, Venice and so on. After that, Aliénor finds the courage to ask him a hug. I’m pretty petrified I look at them wondering why I can’t ask him the same, I’m too coward and shy. He looks at me, I look at him back for a couple of seconds, I’m frozen. So he says me to come there and get my hug too! I’m surprised and moved at the same time. Poor, poor figure! I’m the worst Italian ever, I can’t be so warm as I should XD Luckily we go away and say him we’re going back on the next day. SEE YA, BYE - BYE – I NEED AIIIIR.

Day 2, Saturday – Part 1: I feel too bad cause I’ve been too frozen the day before with Rob. So I decided to go there and hug him before the photoshoot, happier and calmer than I was till that moment. So here my turn, he welcomes me with his happy “Hellooo!” and I open my arms but he stops me *fine, good start* but only to say me he was passing out my business cards at the table ** I sincerely hug him thanking him, how sweet! After our shoots, me and Aliénor take some rest cause we need to realize what happened.

Part 2: We enjoy the queue again, this time I wanna be calmer, mission almost completed. I take my 2 pics for my friends then I show him my drawing to be signed. He stares at it for a while with a cute smile, then he tells me “Beautiful!” very impressed.. aww! He writes: “To the artist: - Kiara – Never give up!” This last message maybe could be very random for you, but it is SO IMPORTANT to me. Maybe who already knows my story could get what I mean. It’s the best thing he could ever write. Finally I start acting like Santa Claus with all my presents for him. First of all, your letters! I explain him that as the Kneppedia, I gathered all the messages for him by his fans. He smiles at me with a nice smile from the bottom of his heart thanking me. Another present from a friend of mine (chocolates, sweets, candies and so on.. He was so moved!) and FINALLY my birthday present for him!  He gets up excited to see it. I open the box and he says “It’s all black!” NOPE, WAIT.. IT ISN’T EMPTY! I show him my portrait about Rob and Ben together *I’ll show you later* He looks at it totally amazed and open-mouthed. Then he says “THAT’S AMAZING!” with a little cute voice XD and *very very proud and moved* “My Ben…..!!” telling me that was his favorite t-shirt *good choice, Kiara, good choice*. A second later he was hugging me saying thanks. Then he thanks again us both, telling us that we’re so sweet holding his hands on his chest. Very very special moment. We say goodbye again starting our tour around.

Part 3: We gotta go.. I have to be honest to you, guys.. I started to cry a lot. That was for a lot of reasons, one of them is that probably I won’t ever meet him again.. then personal stuff I can’t explain. I can’t control myself, I feel so sad and I don’t want to leave. At the same time I feel so STUPID and weak.. We go there, at his table again. Nobody is there, luckily and we ask him if we can say goodbye for the last time. Obviously he nods and gets up to shake our hands. He asks me if I’m going to go back in Italy, but I’m so confused that I say yes but I don’t seem so sure, so he asks me again. Fine, I’m panicked again. I wipe away a tear and he, a little bit worried, asks me what’s happening. I pretend nothing, saying I’m fine, nevermind, sorry and all.. too late.. He starts with all his “Aww” and “You’re so sweet” and all. OMG poor figure again! I really wanna get hide.. I hate to seem so weak in front of anyone, especially Rob, but here I am, so sad and vulnerable. He hugs me for the fourth time telling me again how much I’m sweet. He touches my arm as he saying me “C’mon, don’t cry” a little bit embarrassed and caring at the same time. He says me thanks again for the Kneppedia telling me to keep doing it, I promise that I will.. THE HELL, SURE I WILL.. We say goodbye, this time for real and leave L

This is more than what I could ever imagine, I know he’s so sweet, but this experience showed me that I’m doing the right thing, that I’m following the right man and he deserves every minute of my time. The amazing thing was to look at him so tired, pretending he was ok, full of energies, keep smiling, chatting and be caring with everyone. He’s so “real” and strong, so lovely and nice. I really hope that you all, one day, will be able to meet this amazing sweet man. 

From the Kneppedia on Facebook

"Hey Robert Knepper fans! Would you like to write to your hero? You can do it! As the Kneppedia, I could give your letters directly in Robert’s hands once in London for LFCC! You can send me your messages ONLY using PRIVATE MESSAGES on this Facebook page (I won’t consider any comment on this post) Be sure to write your name and BE BRIEF!!"

DEADLINE: Sunday night (GMT)


make me choose meme: targaryensies asked nathan/niki or sid/ben?

So if it’s the gas chamber you’re throwing in, and I had to make a choice between believing you or trusting Sid…sorry Bill, you lose. 


When @JackColeman4RLZ thought he had found himself a better #Hair & #Makeup team

The best part is this tweet:
Jack Coleman @JackColeman4RLZ

@wendilynnmakeup True. Zach kept powdering my cell phone and Rob was making bird calls. In fairness, he does a mean red-throated thrush.


When thought he had found himself a better & team

The best part is this tweet:

@wendilynnmakeup True. Zach kept powdering my cell phone and Rob was making bird calls. In fairness, he does a mean red-throated thrush.


Sid + Flowers + Siken for linndechir